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Today was the first time in a long time I lost track of time. I think that means I’m onto something. I’m completely entranced by nature at times, and my aim is to capture the nature of this area and share it. Japan is known for its big cities and technology, but the nature of this place is just as impressive. Now I just have to prove it.

I’m trying to learn more about film. I love this place to bits, and I’d like to share it in an engaging way. I’ve been doing Instagram for a while now, and that seems to be going well, but next I’d like to focus on moving pictures. There are many similarities with taking photos, but I’ve been doing a bit of study of sorts of videos, and trying to copy them.

The first thing I noticed was in general, there’s some form of movement somewhere. Either something is moving in the wind, or like a river or just a person moving naturally, or the camera is moving. Sometimes we try to capture movement in photographs, and I think this is just an extension of that, albeit a more realistic way.

So I’ve been trying to capture just that. Some form of movement. Today was pretty good, with Mototaki, a waterfall not too far away from here. Obviously waterfalls are moving targets, so there’s the movement I needed. I tried getting a variety of shots, I’ll piece them together into a video sometime soon. A preview is available on my Instagram reel.

After I had gotten a number of shots, I started to truly listen for the sounds. The path on the way to Mototaki runs alongside a river. I could hear water moving very strong in part, and very soft in others. I tried to capture that sound with my sound recorder, I hope I did a good job.



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