Justifying a big(ish) purchase through output

Mt. Maya

I want a drone. But it’s only just out of my comfortable spending budget (although looking at it now, it’s at an attractive price point).

I want to say this is true, and it has been for the most part, but when I want something like this, I try to give myself some conditions for buying it.

I spent even more on my Sony camera (actually more than double if you include the lenses), and I justified it by saying I would be able to earn as much as the camera by doing projects with it. I’m still part way to that goal, but within this is the caveat that I will put out footage.

So, to justify the purchase of the drone (we’ve had a few big months due to a couple of things like a driveway for example, so not quite yet), I’m going to promise myself an output of something like one drone video a week, or a certain number of photos or what have you. I would even go as far as thinking of the exact videos, planning them out, and actually putting them out into the world.

With something like this, that last part is the most important one as that’s the only way that you get the feedback you need, and it’s the main purpose for buying it, not just as a fun toy to play with.

Well, that’s my thinking at the moment. I’m finding it really hard to justify the purchase, but if I can use it to earn its worth, which happens through content production, then it won’t be so bad, will it?



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