Karma’s a Bitch

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I've talked before about the downside to stoic philosophy being how it can affect other people who see you as cold, well there's a flipside to that too; when you know that you should be stoic and accept a situation, but you just can't for whatever reason. When you're on the receiving end of a harsh situation, especially one initiated by a fellow human, it can be hard to accept.

There is good news though; if you give it time, your feelings will dampen, meaning you are on the road to acceptance. In the meantime, it's probably worthwhile getting your mind off these things, and if these things appear in daily life, you have to get away from them somehow, until you can learn to accept. If not, you will be tempted to make that other person suffer in some way, which can in turn put yourself in a bad light.

Lay low, don't show your emotions, stay calm. Remember Karma's a bitch, and it'll be a bitch to those who tempt it. Even then it's better to just let it go.



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