Low wage economy


I guess I should be pleased that Japan has a minimum wage, they’re all but screwing over the minimum wage workers so it helps to have some respite.

This low minimum wage means that a lot of jobs we don’t have in NZ can exist here. Such as the multiple workers in banks or carpark attendants. In NZ the minimum wage is too high to have things like this. I think this means companies in NZ have to be much wiser when it comes to hiring people and this extends to investing in technology too.

However, I’m of the opinion that these menial jobs should be gotten rid of as much as possible. The problem is, what to do with all the time this creates. I think probably the main reason why these jobs exist is to give these people something to do. I’m not sure what it feels like to do a job like that, and frankly I don’t want to know. I know I’m sounding a bit up myself, but it’s something I wish to avoid.

Maybe if they raised the minimum wage to something respectable they would be forced to be more innovative.



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