Making videos and making lemonade

I spent the whole day making videos for my classes tomorrow. If it wasn’t for the coronavirus, I wouldn’t have gotten round to this at all. I had intended on making these videos years ago, I just never got round to it thanks to the excuses I gave yesterday.

Due to time limits, the quality of the videos isn’t very good. It’s my first time making them so I’m learning a lot, and I don’t really mind that the quality isn’t there. I’m more pleased at myself for shipping them, that’s usually half the battle. So, at least in this respect, I have the horrible virus to thank.

I now have a new respect for video editors, let me tell you! But this was another thing that I found I could get caught up in. It was fun to make them, and I want to make more.

I also found that making videos in your second language isn’t that easy. I ended up making the videos in English, but they are for a Japanese audience and I think it’d be better to do them in Japanese at some stage.

So I hope this was the impetus I need to kick start some video work. I have many ideas, but first I have to learn how to make the videos and I’m glad that I have this little project to learn from.

If you’re curious, and willing to give me constructive criticism, please check the videos out!



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