What are your excuses? Write them in a list

The resistance works in mysterious ways. It seeps into your dreams and stops them from becoming real. So I thought, why not label the excuses the resistance gives you, then you will realise how ridiculous they are!

Here’s a list of excuses I thought of that stopped me making my YouTube videos all those years ago. Videos that would have been insanely useful right about now:

  • I won’t be able to make the videos as good as the professionals (You don’t say. They all started from somewhere. You can build up to getting that quality).
  • I can’t speak as fluently as I’d like (If you actually tried, you’d realise that with a bit of practice, you can get much better at that. Plus with the magic of editing, you can make yourself sound so much better)
  • I don’t have all my resources with me?(But you know what you want to say, right? Bullet point it, and review each thing before you say it. Same as the last excuse).
  • The aircon/ heater is making too much background noise (Rubbish. Get a better mike).
  • I have a pimple near my mouth. Best to wait for it to heal (In the meantime, you can practice by actually recording and not worrying about the pimple).
  • What if people don’t like it? (What if? Who cares. As long as the people you make it for use it, that’s good enough).

I have the time. I have the resources. I have the students. I don’t have the excuses. Time to get to work!



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