Medium-term projects are where it’s at

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To really do something truly remarkable takes a whole lot of time and effort. This much is true. You can’t expect to get many results with only minimal effort, so I find it helps to focus on long-term projects, to an extent.

With any such project, reminding yourself that you’re in it for the long haul is great, but on the other hand without constraints, things can and probably will falter. Then your effort will be wasted. To counteract that, you need to have some sort of deadline or other constraint to keep you in check. That’s why medium-term projects are where it’s at.

I’m committed to a new project that I should have out in the world in the coming days. This project will take me a long time, I’m expecting it to take about three years. To put my best foot forward, I’m thinking long term, but putting a time constraint on it. Even after that time is up, I can choose whether I want to continue, or go a completely different route. Watch this space.



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