It’s your lucky day

On the How I Built This podcast, Guy Raz always asks the question, how much of your success do you put down to luck, and how much to skill?

I have often thought about this question myself, and every time I come to the same conclusion. It’s 100% luck. I can’t think of how it could ever be different.

We all lucked out. To live in this time in human history, with modern medicine and developed economies, we are very lucky.

To be able to build a business in this climate, no, to be able to live in this world, it’s all the same. It takes the luck to be born at this time at this place. We all have to realise this, and I think we do but some of us don’t appreciate it for what it is.

That you’re alive is a miracle. That in itself is the luckiest thing in the world. And that in itself is motivating. This is your chance to make an impact. Every day is your chance to change the world. Every day is your lucky day.



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