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I remember watching a video with Josh Homme of the Queens of the Stone Age (which is probably my favourite band by the way). In it, he said that his band tries to describe themselves and what they do in three easy words. Now, I can’t remember what those words were, although one of them was eerie, but I want to highlight how simple of a concept this is and how it can help us as well.

If you were to define your work, or I would probably prefer individual projects, in three words, how would you? Alternatively, what three words would you like to describe future projects as.

For me, a word that has been swimming around in my head lately is refined. I think there are many areas of my work that could better be refined, such as the design of my website, and some of the writing.

I am yet to think of the other two, but I would like to put a bit of fun into it, I feel I can be much more serious than I really am, so maybe something like fun, and then another to round it off. Like casual or easy going.

What about you? What three words would you use to describe your current work, and what three words would you want to describe your future work.



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