Modern Devices and Accidental Adjustments

person holding black dslr camera

The problem with modern devices is that to be intuitive, menus and buttons become easier to change, but this means they are also easy to accidentally change as well.

I was looking through some of my footage from climbing mountains the past few weeks, and I noticed that a lot of the pictures weren’t as sharp as usual. I also noticed a few of my videos were showing up darker than they should the other day, but didn’t do enough to see what the problem was. It took me a while, but I just worked out that the problem was my ISO was set to 100, rather than just having it on auto. This is most likely due to me bumping the camera by accident, and then being in the spur of the moment, not realising what was happening.

Then, a few months back I found every time I looked in the viewfinder it was blurry. Turns out I had also bumped a dial next to the viewfinder called the diopter that adjusts the blurriness of your viewfinder. I have also had similar problems with the GoPro. The touch screen is not very sensitive, there have been many times when I haven’t been able to use it, and was forced to use the app on my phone.

Small sacrifice to pay, but you have to be extra careful that you haven’t accidentally changed the settings on your camera! It also pays to check that the settings are what they should be every time you set out!



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