What are the takeaways? Making the most of tough life experiences

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Tough experiences build tough people. And then some.

When you have gone through tough experiences, when you have seen a few things, the world looks different. The way you interact with the world is different, and the way you treat people is different.

We all know the world is tough. There’s no one on this planet not facing some sort of struggle whether internal or otherwise.

But if you have gone through a tough experience, as much as you’d like others to know how it felt, they never will. And why should they? Your experience is your experience. It will never be the same, even for yourself.

If you’re going to share your tough experience, which definitely helps with coming to terms with things, at the very least finish off with the silver lining. At the very least finish off with some takeaways that we can learn from, or at least try to.

While people may not be able to understand exactly the emotions you felt, they can still learn from what you learned.

That is but one way your tough experiences can be put to good use.



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