Moving to medium(?)

I was thinking of switching my blog entirely to medium, but I think I might stick with WordPress but add a new blog section that makes use of medium. WordPress is supposed to be the most popular blogging software, but I’m not getting much benefit from that. So I thought I could use medium to try and increase the readership a bit.

Medium already has a big audience that I want to tap into, and one other big advantage is that I won’t have to edit photos like on WordPress so that they aren’t giant and slow down the site. I can just post from my phone.

My idea is to add a new blog section at that is based on medium. This only costs the domain fee and a yearly $50 which also includes access to medium’s paid content. My original idea was to just use medium, and I may do that in the future, but I have a whole lot of stuff I would have to switch over which will definitely take some time (if you read yesterday’s post, you’d know I’ve nearly written 1,000 blog posts).

I’ve also been considering changing my email address to look more official on the domain.

Thanks for hearing me out. Any opinions are appreciated.



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