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Since the beginning of 2019, I have been blogging daily. I started thanks to advice from Seth Godin, who has blogged daily for around 20 years (if I understand correctly) and has more than 7000 blog posts. I have always been amazed at Seth's ability not just to communicate ideas, but to come up with them. It is something that I wish to emulate, so I started this practice.

I have a good friend who is a keen believer of the daily habit. He sets aside time each day for exercise and some form of study, and having tried that for a month in the form of a blog I can see the attraction.

The blog is not about writing quality. The blog is about writing. It's about putting in the effort everyday, or showing up as Seth so eloquently puts it. The blog is not about having your ideas shared. The blog is about sharing your ideas. Even if that means no-one reads them. It's the sharing part that matters, or shipping as Seth puts it. Putting something out in the world, and saying 'here, I made this', yet another Seth quote.

From doing this blog, I feel I have already benefitted in a number of ways. For example, instead of having the ideas in my head and actually putting them out there, it gives me the chance to see them, which means I can revise them and make them sound more like the meaning I wish to portray. I feel this has already benefitted my communication skills. There were a few posts that I had been pondering about for a very long time, and this blogging helped make them more concise, and also easier to remember for the next time I wish to use them in conversation.

Doing this daily habit has also made me more cognisant of other people's writing, I now analyse the words of others more than I did earlier, and I also record or take note of things I hear that pique my interest, as a sort of fodder for the next blog.

The blog has also inspired me to work on other similar projects. These blog posts are designed to be short and sharp (well, this one may be an exception), but it has inspired me to work on other long-form writing.

So, who knows where this will take me? So far it has been great, and I wish to continue. Look forward to more.




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