Temper is a bitch

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I think I have good control over my temper. Most of the time I am able to keep calm. The problem is when it's just too much and I have no choice but to let it all out. I guess I have to be cognisant of this when it's about to happen, and to take a step back and think about my options. It's much better to break these things softly, if possible. It's definitely not a good idea to keep it in.

Make the time to talk to the person in person, and explain yourself. Meeting people face-to-face is much better than the modern equivalent of an email or message. Time away from people can lead you to doubt their importance, but it's always there. Meeting them reminds you of this importance, but if you have something you need to say, let the person know this in advance of your meeting.

This comes back to meditation practice. Meditation is all about acceptance. Thoughts come into your mind. You become aware of their existence, but then you just let them flow through. This is what it means to accept in my view. It can be the same with actions and people too. But having this buffer where you become aware of the thought before you react is very important. Without it your actions would mostly seem brash, and brash is best avoided.

Control your temper at all costs, but don't bottle things up. Let them out slowly, and be mindful of those around you who may be affected. Take the time to discuss things wherever necessary.



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