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I was listening to Leon Bridges - River, such an inspiring tune and I really only have the YouTube algorithm to thank for that. Especially in the past year, I've come across some excellent music that I think you might also enjoy. Top of my list are Kishi Bashi and Jacob Collier, both of which were found through NPR's Tiny Desk. It's worth having that alone as your playlist, they do a very good job of vetting their performers. KEXP from Seattle also does a great job!

Kishi Bashi is a classically trained violinist who uses a mixture of electronics in his solo stuff, it's really cool! I especially enjoy 'Philosophize in it! Chemicalize with it!', but there are many other great songs to chill out to.

Put simply, Jacob Collier is a musical genius, a master of harmony and any number of instruments. His stuff is heavily inspired by Jazz, but is very modern, and although it is full of many instruments and other elements, it still sounds complete and well-rounded. Highly recommended! My particular favourites are 'Saviour', 'Hideaway', and especially the live version of 'Don't You Know' with Snarky Puppy.



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scenic view of lake and mountains against sky
The Detractors
The point is the point
close up photography of woman smelling pink rose
Generous and Gentle


Fill and full.
open brown wooden door
When Thank You and Sorry mean the same thing
photo of woman writing on tablet computer while using laptop
Make it a point of pride


Prepare as best you can
Consuming with Conscious
person writing on a notebook beside macbook
Obsessed With Obsession
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