Setting up is the hard part, from there it’s just ideas

I think yesterday’s post was more about setting up the vessel than having the vessel itself.

The hard part really is setting things up. After that you just need ideas, which we have all the time.

You may need to dedicate some time to this, and in fact I would highly recommend doing so. This set up part is usually the most annoying, and when something goes wrong, it can be quite annoying to fix it.

Which is to say, set up your vessel right. Get professional help if you need it, or at least give yourself enough time to get things set up.

For blogs, you’re going to want your own website, and I’d recommend getting a .com too. That means you’ll need to find and pay for a domain.

Medium is probably a good place but I use (not .com!) and have a few plugins like Brizy to make things look nice. Then of course you’ll need hosting as well. All up, it’s less than $100 a year I think.

For podcasts, this is why I chose to do the podcasting fellowship. Guidance by some of the best in the business, not so I can set up a podcast, but so I can learn how to do so.

My current thoughts I feel are developed, but I’m not 100% sure on what I want to talk about! I might switch the format to conversations over coffee or something similar (let me check that URL). But yeah, setting up is the hard part! From there, it’s just ideas.



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