Soul-crushing inspiration

fire cracker spark in night time photography

It is much easier to make progress when you have something than when you don't.

We never know when inspiration will strike, we never know when our soul is trying to tell us something, when our soul wants to express itself. We need systems in place to take from this inspiration when it strikes, otherwise we are essentially ignoring what our soul is trying to tell us. This is truly soul-crushing.

When inspiration alone is enough to produce a masterpiece it can feel like a true gift from the heavens. Most of the time though, this inspiration is the spark that leads to starting the process of producing, and given enough tender love and care, this inspiration can become a masterpiece.

As soon as you feel inspiration strike, record your feelings. Whether written, vocalized, or expressed in other media, record your ideas for the inspiration as soon as they come. This much is imperative.

Once this original inspiration is down, you can go with it, or you can feel free continue with your day and let the ideas fester before coming back to them. What matters is that you have utilised the spark, and your soul will thank you in the future.



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