The importance of stress

Being stressed does not make you important. I just saw this quote on an Instagram post, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about a bit recently.

Actually not personally, but about other people. I’ve had to set myself boundaries because my work situation calls for it.

When working multiple jobs, time management becomes paramount, and there is a desire to fill every waking moment.

I have learned that this is a mistake that could lead to burnout, something I wish to wholeheartedly avoid. This means that I have to say no when some opportunities come up, and I have come to terms with this.

The problem is when someone else expects you to do things exactly because they are doing them. They expect you to work extra exactly because they are.

This is stupid. Never expect others to do things just because you are. In the same vain, never do things because you expect someone to follow suit. It just leads to stress, and it’s unnecessary.

We all have responsibility for our own wellbeing, and sometimes our culture dictates action against individual wellbeing. In this case, rebel. When you burnout, you’re useless. Don’t let your situation dictate your wellbeing.



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