When the listeners stop listening.

Naturally I think I am a listener. Well, I know it to be true. I'm not one to want to dominate conversation. Part of this is because I find it hard to put my thinking into words quick enough, and some people lose patience, namely those who want to dominate the conversation. But then you get people who do give you the time to talk, and that's the best.

I don't actually have much to say, depending on the topic, and I think I also prefer other people talking because I could learn something new. The problem is when I get bored, such as when people make everything about themselves. That's when the listeners stop listening. That's when you know you have to shut up. Some people take a long time to realise this, some people never do.

I'm always watching other people for clues on how they're reacting to stimulus. Be it words or maybe something going on. I always try to make the conversation something worth talking about. But I'm ok if there's nothing to talk about and the conversation goes silent. Some people aren't. Those people need to learn patience.



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