There is no greater being than nature

man sitting on edge facing sunset

Nature is a greater being than anything or any concept we can perceive. Once we realise this collectively, it will make all our lives better. The Buddhist idea of reincarnation applies to Buddhism itself too. Buddha knew that one day Buddhism would die out, but that it would be replaced later by another Buddhism. I just translated a talk by the head priest of Dewa Sanzan shrine, where he, the chief priest of one of Japan’s most important shrines, said that there is no greater being than nature, even more than Shintoism.

I believe this, but I don’t regard myself as religious. I think the ancient Japanese were onto something when they started worshipping nature. They understood that we needed to respect nature at all costs, otherwise it would be us who loses out.

Sorry for getting all philosophical on you, but I think it’s important to consider this, and to keep it in mind as you go about your daily lives.



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