Thoughts on my second Akinomine Ritual

Next time I need to bring pins and Pokari sweat powder but most importantly I need to bring flexibility.

The hardest part for me by far was sitting on the ground. My body is not flexible enough to take that much time on the ground. So, I am going to do more yoga. I decided this on the second day of training, my back was already quite sore by then, and I couldn't stand too long without feeling uncomfortable after that.

Of course the training was amazing. Being surrounded by like-minded people with the aim to improve themselves, while still praying for others is one excellent way to spend your time.

I went a week without any cell phone or communication device besides my own voice I couldn't record anything and we undertook many difficult challenges but I was able to pull through.

To be honest, it wasn't actually that difficult, probably because a lot of the things I am now used to. I definitely want to do it again, I could see myself doing this every year for the next decade or more, but it comes with a few conditions. One of which of course flexibility. The other is that I must remember the Sanzan Suhkuji and other prayers.



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