Timeless advice from Dan Ariely

One piece of information or advice it would seem that I have received that has helped immensely over the years was in Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational. Dan Ariely went through/ is going through a horrendous ordeal when much of his body was burned in what I believe was an explosion.

This lead him down a course where he has since become one of the leading behavioral economists, but there was a piece of information in that book that I now realise has had a profound impact on me and my coming to terms with my situation. That information? That time has the ability to heal all (well, most) wounds.

I was just thinking about how I’ve been able to come to terms with all the horrible things that have happened/ are happening to me (I would go into detail but I have to protect the privacy of certain individuals, so maybe in the future), and I think this tiny piece of information has helped so much.

Having the knowledge that time truly does make things better has given me the will to move on during tough times, and I hope it does to you too. That things have happened over the course of a few years I think has helped to lessen the blow, and meant it was easier to overcome these things in a way.

In saying that, I wonder what it would have been like had all these things come at once, but even then I think the result might be the same. I wouldn’t want to test it though.

So yeah, even through all the shit life can throw at you, know that time will give you the perspective you need to help you get through it.



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