Too much on your plate? Use this tip to get things done

Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management by Mark Forster is basically all you need. However, there is one technique in there I have implemented in my own way to great effect.

Do It Tomorrow talks about having a current initiative; something besides your day to day that you are working on (or it could be your day to day), something that is your current big project. My problem is that I have too many of these. And it took me seeing them all in visual form that I was able to admit this.

My tip is this: Use the notion kanban feature, or use Trello or some other means of getting your projects in a simple to see and manipulate view. This alone was enough for me to see that I had too much on my plate, and that if I were to get through any of it, I would need to prioritise things.

So, I put what I really want to work on next in my ‘current initiative’ column. Right next to that, I have a ‘back burner’ column, where I put things I want to work on next.

Not only does this help you prioritise your projects, it also lets you more easily compare them. The project you should be doing first is the one you see to have the most good repercussions down the line, and this gives you a much easier way of seeing exactly what that could be. It also helps you see what you should be working on when you’re feeling a bit lost.

So, give it a go, and let me know how it worked!



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