Weird Japan

In Japan they certainly have an odd way of selling things at schools. The guy in this photo comes to this school nearly everyday trying to sell educational resources to the teachers. He comes in, goes to each row of teachers' desks, says his hellos and then proceeds to sit down at this desk (it's like a communal desk for visitors) looking around and standing up to look around every couple of moments. I never used to like this guy because he would never acknowledge my existence, but now I actually feel kind of sorry for him. Today he did his usual waiting at the desk and then he suddenly got up, walked over to one of my fellow teacher's desks and handed out a brochure. First I thought it would be like some resource for a textbook or something but it wasn't, he was trying to sell watches. I'm not really sure why this guy is allowed in the school, but I suppose its like the 回覧(かいらん kairan) that they pass around; big clipboards with junk mail trying to sell various household goods, which do a good job at reinforcing the stereotype that women belong in the house too. As long as they think they are making a difference, and they don't bother us too much, I don't really mind.

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