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The filming of my latest video has been a bit of a disaster. Or, you could say, a very good lesson.

To make videos engaging, there must be a variety in voice, and in views. For example, mixing views of talking to the camera with voiceovers.

However, I focused too much on getting footage of talking to the camera. This came at the expense of quality voiceovers.

When you’re looking at the camera while filming, you have to remember a lot more as you can’t just read your script. At the same time, you can’t just read your script when doing voiceovers, because it tells. However, you can take a glimpse at your script along the way. This makes it much easier to add in the all important emphasis as well as timing.

In other words, both are important at creating a compelling story. But if you try to film both consecutively, it takes a lot of effort and time.

The lesson here is to decide in advance which parts of the script will be on camera, and which won’t, then record accordingly. Not only does this lead to a quicker turnaround, it also leads to a better quality video, which is something to always strive for.



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