While the sun shines

Sun rising over Mt. Chokai

There’s an old adage ‘make hay while the sun shines’, which means when the opportunity arises, take it. I wholeheartedly agree with this, but the thing for me is that every day you’re alive is an opportunity.

One thing I keep thinking about when watching the Olympics is what the athletes must be thinking in the moment. That’s the intriguing part of sport for me. Athletes have to time their spurt right or they risk tiring out and losing. And from what I can see, the occasion of the Olympics really does bring the best out of athletes, and it’s really inspiring to see the look of dedication on their face as they dig in.

That for me is why the Olympics is great entertainment. It’s the opportunity that people dedicate their lives to, often planning for that moment for years, giving so much focus and energy to it, and hoping, no planning, for a good day. But my question is, why wait for every four years to do that? Why not have an Olympics every day?

Obviously some days we will feel down, but if one of those days happens to coincide with the Olympics, do you just give up? No way, you’ve spent the past few years training for this moment. No way you’re just going to let it go due to a bad day.

Make hay while the sun shines. The sun is always shining. It might just be behind some clouds, but it’s there. And that’s what you’ve got to remember.



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