Winning Failure

Tim Ferriss says when you’re undertaking a new project, try and make it so that even if you fail, you win. That’s the sort of mindset I went into my YouTube and 100 mountains project, although I don’t think I’m failing.

I’m starting to really enjoy making videos. I’m a complete novice, until now everything I’ve learned has been through trial and error but mainly YouTube sensei. It gives me a buzz to look back at the footage I got and imagine how I’m going to piece it all together. It’s also really fun to get out there and try and get the stuff in the first place.

I’m also starting to pick up on areas I need to be careful of when filming, such as low light locations that are hard to capture on a GoPro, panning, and also when walking to avoid the bobbing effect.

This is exactly why I started this project. I wanted to gain a new skill, and I’ve already learned enough that I can at least make a relatively entertaining video. As always though, I need to look ahead and find areas where I can grow, such as learning to edit quicker, and also looking for video ideas that can be useful for others.

On a side note, it feels really good to have built a collection of videos up. I’ve only just started, today’s video is mountain number four technically, and I’ve already filmed number five, but I’m really excited to see how much I can improve over the course of this project. So much so, I encourage you to also begin something similar if you’re feeling the inkling.

Even if I were to somehow fail at this project, I feel that I have already won. I guess that means I need to find something else to potentially fail at.



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