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I was listening to an interview with a movie producer this morning. One guy was a student who was into cinematography and editing but ultimately wanted to become a director. That guy asked the producer for advice on how to proceed.

The producer’s advice was to work on editing skills, for now, because a director who can also edit is able to understand much better what is possible and how to do it. But it was an interesting insight from the film industry because there seems to be a lot of cross-role work going on. People moving from acting to producing to directing, etc., but also how to do so effectively.

The producer’s advice was also to just do that thing you are aiming for. Writers write, producers produce, directors direct, and just to make something that you use your skills with to build them.

This also reminded me of a podcast by Seth Godin I heard some time ago when he said he met the author of 50 Shades of Grey but only after she had written it. She was in a funk because she knew she would never be able to better 50 Shades. Seth’s advice? He told her she was a writer, and that it was her job to write. And that’s exactly what she did, or so I heard.

I don’t think we have to think very deep about it. I think it’s just a matter of doing what your supposed to do to be what or who you’re supposed to be. When you’re a writer, write. When you’re a producer, produce, and so on. Just do it and focus on getting better at it every time.



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