You have a really strong mountain

Mt. Chokai above the sea of Japan

As if there were weak ones

Ko Chokai te māunga.

The mountain I affiliate to is Chokai.

Māori Mihi (introductions) start off with the mountain you affiliate to. Doing so quite literally grounds you. It shows your connection to the land. It connects you to the people to whom you are introducing yourself.

Not only are these connections to the land important for others to get their bearings about you, they’re important for you to always know your place. To always know you belong. To remind you of where you come from, and to remind you where you always have a home.

In other words, if you are lost, all you have to do is to find a new person to introduce yourself to.

When you are lost, remember your Mihi.

And remember, you have a really strong mountain.

As if there were weak ones.



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