Your work is a separate entity from yourself

Sometimes we work really hard on something only to see it flop. Similarly, we don’t spend much time on something and it goes really well. In both situations, we should feel proud of ourselves, but at the same time we need to detach ourselves from the work.

I’ve heard of cases of people being so successful in say writing a book or making music, so successful that they feel they could never do something better, and so they get the attitude of ‘why even try?’

Likewise I’ve been on the receiving end of dedicating a whole lot of time to something only to see it flop. We can’t be dejected, as that won’t help anyone. The only thing we can do is accept the situation, and move on.

I find that by detaching ourselves from our work as much as possible, it is much easier to accept the situation. We have to see our work as a separate entity from us, which it is, and have faith in knowing that what really matters is putting pencil to paper, the creativity. As long as we get back on our horse, and get creating, we will be fine. Just don’t take it personally.



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