A license to be expressive

Mt. Gassan 8th Station

My Mt. Gassan to Mt. Yudono video kinda turned into a monster of sorts. It’s a real challenge for me deciding what type of style to go for when making videos. I want to show how beautiful the places are, but I also want to share the story. It’s hard to find the right balance between both, I feel that interspersing the video may ruin the experience, so with the Mt. Gassan video I tried something new.

Like the Mt. Gassan article that is supposed to be a 30 minute read, the Mt. Gassan video is looking to be very similar. I put the mainly visual part at the front, and then I have an extensive section where I talk about the mountain. This has meant the video has blown out to 30 minutes, but I have ensured that the quality is there the whole way through.

There’s just so much to explore with this mountain, and this is what happened when I tried to do it justice.

This style of having a mainly visual experience with an explanation afterwards may work quite well. It’s certainly much easier to edit, and I hope that people either respond well to it, or tell me how I can improve. It may even get to the point where I separate things into two videos, who knows.

Either way, this whole project is an experiment in art, so I’m giving myself a license to be expressive. This means I have a license to experiment. The video should be up tomorrow, let me know what you think!

By the way, I think that everyone needs a license to be expressive. Too often we are lead to believe that we are not expressive, or that we need some sort of qualification to be expressive. Rubbish. Just do it. Your ‘license’ or your ability to be expressive comes simply from being expressive.



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