Writing daily helps in the fight against the Resistance

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If you're having trouble with something, try writing it out. Writing is thinking, and if you can put your thoughts into a physical form such as a blog post or even just a journal entry, it can really help you come to terms with what you're having trouble of, and at times can even allow you to realise how silly you are to be having such trouble.

For example, I filmed my landing into Narita Airport the other day. I quickly edited the video by speeding it up and adding music, but I'm still feeling the resistance when it comes to uploading it. Why? I'm afraid that I might alienate people who don't find the content as engaging as my other stuff, jeopardising all the work I've done previously. But you know what? It's not as if there will be a mass exodus (I only have 100 subscribers), and if people were to leave it meant they weren't engaged enough anyway. If they don't enjoy the content they can always ignore it. Much more important than that is reaching the people who will enjoy it, because that's why you make it in the first place. If someone doesn't like it, so be it, if they do, great!



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