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I’ve made two videos recently which were time lapses, one an eight hour drive, and one I released today of about 15 minutes of a flight landing in Narita airport.

In a way I feel like I have cheated, as these were relatively easy to create. I just put the camera there, and then added some music that I felt fit the scene.

But I look at other similar videos on YouTube, and there is certainly a market for this kind of video. I’m going to keep filming scenes like this, also because I’ve found they also make good b-roll (you’ll see it in my next video).

On Tuesday, I’m going to try something even simpler in some respects. I’m going to go to a place I know looks amazing in any weather, and film it from various standpoints.

Because it’s not about me the creator. It’s about what I’m filming. And I think if it does what it says on the box, ie if the title and thumbnail match the content, then people know what they’re getting into when they click on the link. And if the topic is an interesting one, then I’m on to a winner.



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