The desire to speak

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Don’t you just feel it sometimes? The desire to have your say? The desire to get what you’ve got in your mind and put it out into the world? Well, I think we should do it more than we are. I’ve heard of people saying they want to do more writing or photography or videos, and to them I say, so do it!

I’m about to release another video, it’s uploading to YouTube right now about my experience quarantining in NZ and Japan. This was only an idea a few weeks back, and I procrastinated and procrastinated until yesterday I got the desire to just really get it out into the world. One day later, it’s on its way to the world of the internet.

You just have to find a way to get the work out. I kept telling myself ‘I need the proper lighting, I have to do it at this time of day’ or ‘I will never be as good as so-and-so, so why even try?’ That’s the sort of thinking that leads to inaction and procrastination.

Best to act on a desire to create as soon as you have it, but make sure you commit then and there to put it out into the world in some way or another. Someone will always be better than you in something, but you can always be better than the yesterday you, and if you keep up the effort, it’s almost guaranteed.

So, once you get the desire to speak, use it! Get your ideas out into the world. They just might help somebody!



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