The Best Form of Practice


Last week I was filming myself for a video. Everything was fine until halfway through when I took a break. I came back, but promptly forgot to turn the mic back on. Then, my camera seemed to be recording, but in actual fact the memory card was full, and it turned out I was just talking to myself.

Of course I was disappointed. I need to take these shots again, and it’s a little bit of an effort to get everything set up (I’ve purposely tried to make the set up as easy as possible though).

But then again, during the filming I was convinced things were recording normally. As such, I see this as a really good opportunity to get in some speaking practice. It’s probably the best form of practice there is, besides the real thing, that is.

Conviction, enrollment, belief. To get the best out of yourself, all you need to do is believe you are doing the real thing.

What I did capture was good, but I did notice my interest waning a little bit as the recording went on. Which means that I need to keep the energy up during recording, and to remind myself to do so periodically too!

So not only was this good practice for the real thing, it was also a good reminder of the techniques I need to be on top of to create quality video.



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