The process is the output

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Shugendo is a '道 do', a path or a way. Those who have done any martial arts would know this, but a 'do' has no end, there is no finish line, there is no point of perfection. And this is the wonderful thing, you can always be better, you can always do more. This combined with a regular habit is a powerful thing indeed. You don't need to practice martial arts every day, although it would definitely help, but regular practice with the intention to be better each time, that puts you on the right path.

This blog is similar. To practice developing my ideas, I try writing them out every day. I realise I could do a better job at going through and editing and working on my ideas, but my recommendation is to practice writing something daily, even anonymously, and even if you don’t publish it. However, you need to publish something to get the much needed feedback. With the feedback, the trick is to publish without caring too much about it, and having the publishing just be part of the process. However, you still use the feedback to get better next time. This gets easier if you just keep turning up day after day with new ideas.

It’s all a process, it’s all a Do, and the process is the output, not the things you have published.



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