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Yesterday a friend told me about the term ‘slasher’ that he had heard from Audrey Tang. Tang was asked what profession she thinks children would want to be in the future, and ‘slasher’ was her answer. Reason being, it will become less and less common to have only one specialty in the future, and people are becoming more and more likely to have a / in their title.

This fits me perfectly. There’s just too many things that I have an interest in, and I have gained aptitude at a few of them that I can officially call myself Tim the Slasher. University Lecturer / Yamabushi. Translator / Blogger. Interpreter / YouTuber.

Becoming a slasher was a natural progression though, I feel. It’s not as if I decided I want to do all these things at once. But I do have a bit of a mindset where if I could make a living doing some of the things that I like, as opposed to my ‘real’ job as an English lecturer, I would. What that means is that I have actively looked for ways in which I can make money and eventually a living from some if not all of these extra activities, and I think that is the right way to go about any hobby or anything you feel an inclination towards, just don’t make it a prerequisite.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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