Who’s it for, and what’s it for?

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Who’s it for, and what’s it for? The ultimate marketing questions from the ultimate marketing teacher, Seth Godin.

Originally, this website was just to have some way of presenting myself to the world. That was it. But now I’m really wanting to ramp things up and actually try to make a living off my own work. This means I need to find answers to these two questions, or at least have some indication of an answer so I can find out how to continue.

Who’s it for off the top of my head:

  • People interested in the Yamabushi lifestyle
  • People interested in north Japan
  • People interested in mountains and nature
  • People interested in hiking
  • People wanting to find out who they truly are
  • People wanting more out of life
  • People wanting to explore a side of Japan like no other

What’s it for off the top of my head:

  • For people to see the good in life and to live well
  • For people to learn Uketamo and live well
  • For people to explore a different side of Japan
  • For people who want to escape, if only for a little while
  • For people to learn different aspects about Japan and Japanese culture that they can apply to their own lives

Well, these will be a starting point. Now I need to think more deeply about these, and to create stuff that resonates with the lives of those who I wish for it to resonate with.

I write daily about the Yamabushi lifestyle and life in the mountains of Japan. Sign up for my Mountains of Wisdom mailer at timbunting.com/mountains



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