Why Meditation is a Powerful Tool for the Modern World

During a recent yamabushi training, Master Hoshino was giving us a rest on the red Shinkyo bridge of Haguro-san. Although we weren’t doing anything, this exercise had extremely powerful implications.

In yamabushi training there is no talking, there are no watches, and the only aim, if there were to be one, is to do yamabushi training. By having us waiting on the bridge like that, all Master Hoshino was doing was allowing us the chance to be in the moment.

That’s it.

The simple act of waiting, without words, without time, without intention, was enough to help us feel how powerful simply passing the time is.

And that’s what meditation is. Feeling the passing of time.

When we don’t have our phones to distract us, places to be, people to meet, when all we’re required to do is to just be there in the moment, that is meditation. And it’s something our modern world does a very good job of getting in the way of.

Meditation reminds us of the here, the now, and the self. In other words, meditation is a reminder of all that exists.

Taking the time to remind ourselves of this on a periodic basis is a strength.

And the best thing is, you don’t have to do anything.



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