The medium and the message

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I can’t recall which episode it was, but in the Revisionist History podcast by Malcolm Gladwell, he says one reason he loves podcasting is because of the way it can move people more effectively than words on a page.

For a while there I was convinced that I could just turn my essays into a YouTube video by reading them out and adding video. My most watched video is an essay I turned into a video, my last video about Shida-san I worked on extensively as an essay first. However, for my most recent video I started reading out the essay I had written, and I realised, no it totally was not going to work out.

While I think it’s perfectly fine to adjust written word to a more visual format, I think as long as the message is portrayed in at least a similar way, then that’s great. However, the choice of medium dictates the tools you have on hand to use, as well as the tools you should use, to portray the message.



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person holding black dslr camera
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